Strategic Facilitation

As a facilitator, Stef is at home in front of top-level executives, senior management, labour leaders, and employees at all levels for enterprises ranging from large multinationals to SMEs, across most industries.

While facilitation typically takes place in small group settings, Stef has also developed systems and processes that allow him to actively engage with very large groups, numbering into the hundreds.

He brings energy to what could otherwise be boring problem solving, planning and decision making processes. He gets people to loosen up, participate, and collaborate through skillfully encouraging the free flow of ideas that lead to constructive discussions. He is able to prioritise information without manipulation, handle emotions in a positive way, maintain focus on the agenda and eliminate hidden agendas.

Stef facilitates half-day to two-day work sessions, either as a stand-alone intervention or as part of a strategic planning process. He helps small teams as well as large groups of participants to:

  • Turn plans into action
  • Improve labour relationships
  • Go beyond brainstorming by unlocking shared insights
  • Discover synergy, create agreed outcomes and ownership of decisions
  • Guide complex problem solving and important decision-making
  • Facilitate deeper understanding of concepts
  • Create, evaluate or review values, and increase the sharing of values
  • Explore controversial issues
  • Get people on board and on track

One of the world’s leading practitioners when it comes to teams and team leadership. Stef stretched both management and unions to go beyond the boundaries… our attitude towards each other, and the workforce, will never be the same again. I have never seen a facilitator like Stef du Plessis.

Rickson Mboweni, Labour Relations Manager, ISCOR

An Immersive Online Experience

"An online event with Stef promises a dynamic and interactive audience experience"