African Wisdom

Lessons for everyday living

Stef shares age-old African stories and metaphors

that provide simple, logical advice for dealing with some of the day-to-day challenges that we all face, and explores how we can live more purposefully.

African Wisdom Book Cover
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AUDIENCE Anyone. Any industry. All levels of staff. Also suitable for client or stakeholder events. Ideal for those occasions where staff are invited to bring their partners.

OCCASION Sales conventions. Client events. Ideal for incentive events or when your people need a motivational or inspirational boost.

OUTCOME Motivate and inspire your people with a message they will never forget.

OPTIONAL RESOURCES Give each delegate a copy of Stef’s book, ‘African Wisdom’, which contains everything that he will cover during this presentation, plus a lot more. Available in paperback or as an online e-book.

What’s in it for the INDIVIDUAL

  • Find congruence between what you say and what you do
  • Take responsibility for where you are in life
  • Learn to want what you have
  • How to move on and make a fresh start

What’s in it for the ORGANISATION

  • People who are fully engaged and accountable
  • Result-focused people, who thrive on truth and trust
  • A winning workplace culture
  • Improved sales and customer satisfaction

One of South Africa’s most influential motivators.

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An Immersive Online Experience

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