Transformational Leadership

Lead yourself, so that others will follow

Stef shows leaders how to inspire others

How to help them to "choose" change, and then to make it permanent - both in life and in business, for their own good, the good of the team, and that of the organisation

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AUDIENCE Leaders at every level.

OCCASION Any time you have your leaders together. Also a great addition to your in-house leadership development programmes.

OUTCOME Leaders who know how to unlock the potential of their people, and who want to get on with it.

OPTIONAL RESOURCES Online self-assessments and weekly delivered e-course to help participants implement lasting personal change. Resources optional.Online self-assessments and weekly delivered e-course to help participants to facilitate lasting personal transformation – first in themselves, and then in those whom they lead.


  • Learn how to harness the latent potential of your most valuable asset: your people
  • Learn how to foster a sense of ownership and personal accountability
  • Be equipped to influence others towards overall improvement of results
  • Discover what drives us, and how ‘motivation’ really works
  • Understand why people typically avoid change, and how to overcome this barrier
  • Explore the key ingredients to making ‘change’ permanent
  • Discover how they can influence others to change for the better,
    and how to make it last

I have never had a more enthusiastic response to a speaker from my membership. The most frequent comment I heard was ‘I didn’t want it to end’.

Gary Witt, Exec VP, Colorado Telecommunications

An Immersive Online Experience

"An online event with Stef promises a dynamic and interactive audience experience"