How to Create a Winning Workplace Culture

Boost performance and improve results

Research shows that employess can, and want to, 'give' substantially more.

What stops them? Workplace culture. Managers know this - but most admit that they don't know how to handle it. So it's left to chance. Stef shows them how the concept of Unwritten Ground Rules, or UGRs, can change that for good.

A Culture Turned Book Cover
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AUDIENCE Everyone. Especially leaders.

OCCASION Company get-together, staff meetings, management retreats or strategic planning sessions. Ideal as part of a transformation process. Perfect for the occasions when people are just not performing to standard, and need some direction.

OUTCOME Educate people about their role in creating a winning workplace culture. Show them what’s in it for them. Change the way things get done. Crank up results.

OPTIONAL RESOURCES Comprehensive online vault of tools, resources and assessments available to help implement, measure and sustain workplace culture transformation.

Why YOUR ORGANISATION needs this presentation

  • Tap into the full potential of your people
  • Create a place where contributions count for something, and where
    people “want to” work
  • Make your people forever more conscious of “the way we do things around here”, so that they will constantly seek opportunities to improve on the way they go
    about your business
  • Improve overall performance and drive results
  • Also a must-have ingredient for success if you are in the throes of a restructure,
    merger or acquisition

Organisational Culture Interventions

  • Stef leads company- wide organisational change and transformation interventions, with measurable and sustainable results.
  • Permanently transform your culture with a UGRs in-house intervention or Train-The-Trainer programme, supported by a comprehensive vault of tried- and-tested, easy-to-use online resources, videos, tools and assessment instruments.

It was clear that you were not only rated as the top speaker at our annual event, but your keynote was in fact ranked among the highest of our entire 37 year history.

DeWayne S. Woodring, CEO, RCMA

An Immersive Online Experience

"An online event with Stef promises a dynamic and interactive audience experience"