Exec Team Building

Effective and aligned executive teams – and their leadership teams throughout the enterprise – add significant and sustainable shareholder value. Yet, often opportunities are lost, and value destroyed, because of poor execution brought about by the fact that not everyone on the team owns the decisions that are made.

Stef helps teams to identify what’s most important. Then he shows them how to develop the levels of trust necessary for everyone to be open and honest. So that the whole truth is spoken, a whole lot faster. Which gets everyone to fully support, and own, team decisions. Thus creating unprecedented levels of personal accountability. Making the achievement of strategic objectives not only possible, but inevitable.

Stef facilitates half-day to full-day team growth sessions, helping participants to:

  • Understand why so many teams fail, and how to avoid these pitfalls
  • Focus on what’s really important
  • Create an environment where everyone can ‘say it as it is’
  • Get to the whole truth, a whole lot faster
  • Make decisions that everyone on the team will ‘own’
  • Identify real strengths, weaknesses and high-value opportunities
  • Get a strategic view of the real challenges facing their business
  • Find and organise the clues that will unlock better results
  • Plan the most efficient sequence of attack going forward

I believe I witnessed a Team being born today. You left us with practical tools which will assist us in the workplace. Your obvious enthusiasm, commitment and honesty, and your belief in your concepts, are inspiring.

Rob Barge, Divisional Manager, PPS Investments

An Immersive Online Experience

"An online event with Stef promises a dynamic and interactive audience experience"