Workplace Culture Transformation

When leading Workplace Culture Transformations and Interventions, Stef introduces the UGRs concept.

His corporate clients – including many of the most respected brands in business today – rely on him to help them create a winning workplace culture through the use of UGRs. He frequently leads company- wide organisational change and transformation interventions, with measurable and sustainable results.

Organisations with strong workplace cultures increase revenues by almost five times more than that of organisations with poor cultures.

What’s missing is the knowledge, skills and tools with which to facilitate workplace culture-change, and these components are in short supply. But UGRs changes all of that for good. It’s clear: Culture drives performance. And UGRs hold the key to workplace culture transformation.

About UGRs

Created by Stef’s Australian-based business partner, Steve Simpson, UGRs (short for ‘Unwritten Ground Rules’) is a breakthrough concept that enables people to understand and improve their workplace culture. UGRs are best defined as people’s perceptions of “this is the way we do things around here”.

Steve and Stef have been influencing workplace cultures since the early 90’s. Between them, they have carried out more than 5,000 assignments on 5 continents, ranging from 60-minute keynote presentations on some of the most prestigious platforms in the world, through half-day to multi-day training & facilitated sessions on the workshop floors and in the boardrooms of leading enterprises, often culminating in company-wide in-house organisational transformation interventions that run for months or even years.

Over the past 25 years, the UGRs concept has been developed substantially. It has been deployed in organisations from many varied sectors across the globe as a tool to boost bottom line performance. Over that time, the concept and its implementation tools have been refined, improved and tested, again and again.

Now, the UGRs methodology for workplace culture change is supported by a suite of online tools that have been developed to mobilise and sustain culture change, in line with the strategic objectives of the organisation. 

Permanently transform your culture with a UGRs in-house intervention or Train-The-Trainer programme, supported by a comprehensive vault of tried- and-tested, easy-to-use online resources, videos, tools and assessment instruments.

UGRs initiated a corporate ‘Road to Damascus’ experience for us, and created the foundation for our future sustainable success.

Ian Cockerill, as President, Gold Fields Limited