If you know me, then you need no introduction to my work, or how I do it. For those who don’t,
take a moment to watch this before viewing the video below.

Two quick comments on the video you’ve just watched.

Starting with the frivolous one: Put any number of people in a room, and I can have a conversation with them. I’ve delivered some 4,000 presentations in 35 countries and been on stage at some of the world’s premier events (on occasion even in front of 10,000 people from 70 countries). As a ‘live’ speaker, my offering is beyond question – evidenced by the fact that I have earned every award and accreditation available in professional speaking – and that I’ve been hired to work in-house for some of the world’s leading brands, on 5 continents.

My very last international appearance before travel was banned was at a government event in Perth, Australia, just the other day – where 90% of delegates rated my sessions as the highlight of the two-day event. So, as I said, no argument about what I do – live – on stage, in the front of a training room, or in a boardroom.

But cameras scare me:-). As you well saw in the video above.

What’s important though is whether or not my message resonates with you. And if it does, then look past my ‘deer in the headlights’ pose for now. I’ll get better at it.

Now for a really important addition to the video: South Africa’s 23-year long “border war” was unjust.

History has shown that I was on the wrong side. And I have been making amends ever since, in my attempt to become a better man, and through ongoing pro-bono community work.

I have also, in the 30 years or so following the end of the war, met up with and have become close to men who were my ‘enemy’ back then.

And we have found common ground. And, regardless of which side we fought for, we learnt the same life skills: we learnt – through hard-earned, first-hand experience – how to quiet fear; how to cope with uncertainty; and how to step into the void. And it is these coping skills that individuals and leaders, everywhere, now need most.

So, going forward – given the unique circumstances which we all now find ourselves in – I will dig deeper, and share some of which, for personal reasons, I have never shared publicly before. Now add what I have learnt from the responses of the more than a million attendees who have attended my presentations and workshops; from the hundreds of leaders whom I have been fortunate enough to have worked with (some for more than a decade at a time); and from the rich insights that I gained from earning a Masters degree, cum laude, in Personal and Professional Leadership (when I went back to school at age 40).

Also, from having led dozens of in-house workplace culture transformation interventions, together with my business partner, Steve Simpson.

All of this positions me to share lessons, tips and techniques to help individuals to develop their personal coping skills, mental toughness and physical endurance. And, given my front-line experience as a military commander, I will share with leaders how to lead from the front – even when you are the one who is most afraid.

At this time, more than ever before, I can – and want to – be of service. As I said in the video above: free for all individuals, and at vastly reduced fees (or for free, if need be) for my past and current clients. New clients, get in touch and let’s figure out how I can support you. I will find a way to work with you, regardless of your current financial state – I promise.


We’re here for you.

For a start, all of the online resource, videos, courses and ‘how-to’ guides which we previously used to supplement my live presentations and workshops will of course continue to be available for our clients – both existing and new.

What’s changed is that I’ll be replacing my live presentations, facilitation, training, coaching and consulting with online videos, webinars, online meetings and podcasts – at least for the foreseeable future.

And because my support team have been working remotely for a long time already, nothing needs to change when it comes to the back-up support that they deliver.

Regardless of whether you’re reading this in your personal capacity, or as a business leader – and also regardless of whether we’ve worked together before, or not – I want you to know that if I can help you (and, if relevant, your people) during this time, I will.

For free, if that’s what’s needed. Just ask.

Below, you will find the content for individuals and for leaders. And you’ll find our workplace culture content here.


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